Pokemon Go Unleashes Mega Rayquaza During Pokemon Go Fest 2023

Mega Rayquaza arrives to Pokemon Go and will debut during the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 global event celebrations.

Image via the Pokemon Go YouTube

There have been small hints about Mega Rayquaza making its debut in Pokemon Go, and it’s now been confirmed by Niantic that this legendary Pokemon will be unleashed during Pokemon Go Fest 2023. Fans who are looking to add this beefed-up version of Rayquaza to their team will want to make sure their reserve their Go Fest 2023 ticket for any of the in-person events or the Global event.

With Mega Rayquaza’s appearance, meteorites are also going to appear through Pokemon Go Fest 2023, which players can use to empower Rayquaza to learn the new charged attack, Dragon Ascent. This move will be making its debut alongside Mega Rayquaza, making it an even stronger legendary Pokemon moving forward in Pokemon Go.

Mega Rayquaza Unleashed in Pokemon Go With New Charged Attack, Dragon Ascent

The announcement was made on the official Pokemon Go blog. The team at Niantic has a full breakdown of the event, listing out that Mega Rayquaza will appear in Mega raids during Pokemon Go Fest 2023’s live events in London, Osaka, New York City, and the Global event, which will be worldwide for all Pokemon Go players.

Pokemon Go players will not need to be ticket holders to take part in the Mega Rayquaza raids so long as they are playing the game in the same city. For example, any Pokemon Go players wandering around New York City during the in-person event have a chance to encounter Mega Rayquaza raids and can participate in them.

However, anyone with a Pokemon Go Fest 2023 ticket will receive a Special Research to earn additional rewards surrounding Mega Rayquaza, such as Meteorites to get a chance to teach Rayquaza the charged move, Dragon Ascent.

Dragon Ascent is a Flying-type attack, and it’s the exclusive move to Rayquaza, originally introduced in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This will be the first time it appears in Pokemon Go, and Rayquaza is likely the only Pokemon that can learn it. We expect to see future events where Rayquaza has the chance to learn this move, but it will remain exclusive for quite some time.

For any Pokemon Go players who want to enhance their Rayquaza, we highly encourage you to grab as many Meteorites as possible when Mega Rayquaza arrives to learn this attack. Dragon Ascent can only make Rayquaza even stronger, especially after it learned Breaking Swipe.

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 events begin in August with London, England and Osaka, Japan on August 4 to 6, 2023, and then another in New York City, United States, from August 18 to 20, 2023. The final event is the Global one, for all Pokemon Go players, and that takes place on August 26 to 27, 2023. Mega Rayquaza will appear in all these events, and players will need to get ready to take it down alongside other players.