Pokémon Go Players Break Up With App Calling It “Toxic”

The Pokémon Go community continue to feel less reasons to play the popular mobile game following multiple changes made by developer Niantic.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go fans are fed up with developer Niantic’s continued treatment of them and how they want to play, with many of them beginning to separate themselves from the popular mobile game.

There have been problems throughout the years between Pokémon Go fans and Niantic. Many problems were in-game server issues, connection troubles, or events not working. However, the recent Remote Raid Pass change announcements and continued silence from Niantic appear to be the last straw for many players, who now consider the mobile application a “toxic” game.

Pokémon Go Community Tired of Niantic, Boycott Mobile Game

Image via Niantic

A recent discussion on the Pokémon Go Reddit goes into detail about the current quality changes implemented by Niantic. Many Players have started to feel more isolated from the Global Pokémon Go Community as it becomes more difficult to play together, especially with Remote Raid Passes increasing in price and all players having limited daily uses.

Several Pokémon Go players have said they’ve slowly withdrawn from the game. They’ve detailed how they have not played for several weeks, but despite not playing, they regularly check the Pokémon Go Reddit boards, or the community Silph Road, browsing the regular updates or community posts.

Many see it as a “rough breakup” with Pokémon Go. Several believe that one day they might be able to return to the mobile game, but only if Niantic can make positive changes to the game. Given Niantic’s continued silence on the matter, especially as they announce upcoming content plans and begin the marketing campaign for Pokémon Go Fest 2023, it seems unlikely.

Some fans continue to cling to the game, while others have decided to move on to something else. Even those still playing Pokémon Go find themselves with fewer reasons to log in.

It seems that despite not having a local community keen to jump into the game, players were able to find what they needed through a global one, and the Remote Raid Passes had a much more positive impact than Niantic could have predicted with Pokémon Go players.