Pokémon Go Fans Slam “Tone Deaf” Niantic Tweet Reviewing Outdoor Play

Niantic shares a tweet that shows they are not listening to the Pokémon Go community.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go fans have been put through the wringer for the past few weeks, especially as it becomes more apparent that the game’s development team at Niantic doesn’t show any signs of listening to their community. This has become even more apparent in a recent tweet where the development team reviews “going outside.”

The official NianticLabs Twitter account posted the tweet, and fans are not taking it sitting down. Many have taken to the comments to share their dismay regarding the tweet and share utter heartbreak that it becomes painfully obvious that Niantic does not care about the Pokémon Go community and refuses to listen to them.

Niantic Continues to Show They Don’t Listen to Pokémon Go Community Feedback

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The tweet was shared earlier today and said, “the reviews for ‘going outside’ are in,” with a rating system commonly used by the review website Rotten Tomatoes. Following the heavily negative response by the community, the tweet has been removed. It makes sense that the developers took it down as quickly as they did because fans immediately took to the comments to share how painful this tweet is to hear after they’ve been trying to get the developer’s attention.

While the tweet was online, these responses ranged from “I can’t believe they actually posted this,” to “apparently not hearing us, got it,” and several commentators asking the team to take it down. It looks like Niantic was able to listen to the community for this recommendation but nothing else.

Pokémon Go fans have been trying to reach Niantic and get a response from the team after the Remote Raid Pass changes were announced last month, putting a daily limit on them and increasing their prices. These changes were announced on March 30, 2023, and were pushed on April 6, 2023. Throughout those days, and several weeks after, Niantic never responded to the community feedback and continued posting and pushing their latest updates.

Following the hectic feedback, Niantic has also announced their latest mobile AR game, Monster Hunter Now, which features a similar Pokémon Go experience, but in the form of Monster Hunter.

Fans immediately pointed out that this is likely why Pokémon Go had felt as underdeveloped and rushed as it has been lately, as the team at Niantic is so stretched thin and can barely devote any time to a singular product. On top of that, many analysts are already predicting that Monster Hunter Now is going to be a failed product before it launched.

With the tweet no longer there, we’re hoping that Niantic might take a step back to review the Pokémon Go Community responses and offer an official reply. However, given we’ve been expecting one for the last few weeks, we don’t believe this will be the case.