Pokémon Go Players Concerned Master Ball Warning Isn’t Enough To Avoid Disaster

Pokemon Go players are starting to get their Master Ball, and a warning screen when using the ball might not be enough to prevent disaster.


Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players have been working hard to get their Master Balls from the Let’s Go Special Research. After completing the final step of the new research, fans can finally receive the most powerful Poke Ball for use – but with a catch.

Master Balls are rare in Pokémon Go, but Niantic has confirmed there will be additional opportunities to get them in the future. For now, players can only obtain one Master Ball until further notice. However, those worried about misusing or losing the rare ball can cast aside concern, as Niantic has added an important warning to offer protection.

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Master Ball warning in Pokemon Go may not be enough

The warning that pops up on the mobile app asks “Do you want to use a MASTER BALL?”, then offers an additional step to “use” or “cancel.” However, the subreddit suggests that this single warning might not be enough considering the rarity of the one-time-use Master Ball.

Players voiced their concerns in the comments saying, “I feel like it also needs an ‘Are you sure?’ prompt.”

Another fan offered a practical solution to ease the fears of those who think their children will accidentally use their one and only Master Ball. Londonmonkey wrote, “Needs ‘If you are a child on your parent’s account, click to call your parent for pin code’ step.”

However, some were relieved to see the pop-up, as they were concerned that swiping too fast may have resulted in using the ball by mistake. One player questioned what would happen if they missed the throw with the Master Ball, but their worries evaporated when told a cutscene would play when the ball was selected, making the toss hit 100% of the time.

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That said, there’s still the possibility of players accidentally using their ball without realizing it – it happens all the time in the main series of Pokemon games, unfortunately. Because of this, fans will want to be extra careful when out playing at events, or when letting their kids borrow their accounts for an afternoon of exciting catches.