What is the Pokemon storage limit in Pokemon Go?

Niantic announces another storage limit for Pokemon Go.

In November of 2019, Niantic announced that Pokemon Go players could expand their Pokemon storage limit up to 3,000. Just eight months after that announcement, Niantic has increased the Pokemon storage limit once again. Starting on July 23, 2020, Pokemon Go players can now increase their storage up to 3,500 Pokemon.

This should be good news for avid players of the game, as now you can store more Pokemon in the game without having to think about which Pokemon to transfer. The decision does come at an optimal time, too, as Pokemon Go Fest will take place on the weekend of July 25-26. 

To upgrade your Pokemon Go storage limit, players can still pay 200 coins at the Pokemon Go Shop to upgrade the storage limit by 50. Coins can be acquired either by an in-game purchase or by leaving one of your Pokemon at a Pokemon Gym. However, you can only earn 50 coins a day through this method.