Pokemon Go Players Confused As 3-Star Shadow Raids Don’t Affect Challenge Progress

Players don’t understand why Pokemon Go 3-Star Shadow Raids can’t count towards the current 3-Star Raid challenge.

Image via Niantic

Players in Pokemon Go are getting confused about which raids they’re able to complete to progress an in-game challenge. The current task requires them to complete a three-star raid using Pokemon with a specific CP or less. The problem is that developer Niantic didn’t clarify that Shadow Raids don’t count.

Raids are one of the biggest and toughest activities in Pokemon Go, which is why players are jumping at the chance to tackle a new challenge linked to them. However, the wording of the challenge is unclear and has confused some players about whether the game is broken or they’ve done something wrong.

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Niantic Confused Pokemon Go Players With Unclear Raid Challenge Requirements

The exact wording of the raid challenge in Pokemon Go tasks players to “Win a three-star-raid using only Pokemon with 1,500 CP or less.” At face value, this suggests that any three-star raid will count and complete the challenge, providing the Pokemon used are at or below 1,500 CP.

In a recent post on the Pokemon Go Subreddit, one user shared another player’s confusion when they completed a three-star Shadow Raid only to find that it didn’t progress the challenge. Niantic responded, explaining that Shadow Raids were not a part of this challenge, but didn’t explain why.

While this may not seem like a huge problem, some players are annoyed because they attempted to complete the challenge with a Shadow Raid, wasting their time and potentially preventing them from finishing it until the next time they can play. Some fans in the comments added, “A shadow raid is so much harder too. Most of the time, you need a friend for it.” In a way, completing this challenge with a Shadow Raid is even more of a feat, meaning the effort players have gone to feels so much more wasted.

As another player pointed out in the comments on Reddit, “Clarifying something on Twitter is like not clarifying at all. 90% of the player base won’t notice this cause they neither follow that Twitter crap nor other platforms, like The Silph Road.” Niantic hasn’t broadcast the details of this challenge, meaning many other Pokemon Go players will be in the same boat but won’t see the clarification the developer has already shared. This will undoubtedly make for a frustrating few days of attempting to complete the challenge.