Pokémon Go Players Point Out Problems That Don’t Include Remote Raid Passes

Pokemon Go fans have vented their frustration over issues in the game outside the subject of Remote Raid Passes, which everyone is mad about.

Image via Niantic

It seems as though Pokémon Go players are getting a tad bored of complaining about Remote Raid Passes and the recent controversy surrounding them. As a change of pace, one fan asked players for their frustrations and issues with the game that don’t relate to that specific aspect, and everyone has chimed in to get something off their chest that irks them while they play.

Pokémon Go players have shared hundreds of issues with the game that aren’t related to Remote Raid Passes in any way. While every game has its share of mechanics that not all players get on with, this makes Pokémon Go look downright unenjoyable instead of the fun mobile game that gets Pokémon fans outside now and then.

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Pokémon Go Players Share Their Frustrations With the Game

In a thread on the main Pokémon Go Subreddit, one user asked players to share their problems with the game that don’t have anything to do with Remote Raid Passes. This has been an opportunity to discuss issues outside the mainstream controversy, and hundreds of players have chimed in with their thoughts.

Among the frustrations, players are venting subjects related to in-game timings and loading screens. For example, one user said, “I think it’s silly that I need to wait 2 minutes to start a 1-star raid. A ready button for raid lobbies would be very useful”. This is a fair point. In games like Dead by Daylight, once all players have set their status to ready, the timer is quickly set to 10 seconds to get them into a match much faster.

Another problem players seem to have relates to Pokémon themselves. Some complain that all Pokémon are the same size in-game, regardless of how big they should be in relation to others. A Weedle can be as big as a Wailord, which simply isn’t the case in all other Pokémon games. This becomes especially noticeable when a Pokémon evolves.

The thread is filled with comments about the most minor issues in Pokémon Go, but they all add up to a collective of problems that break immersion and ruin the intended experience. Something as simple as not being able to walk past a Gym while adding a Pokémon to it, or having to visit a parking lot to farm Pokémon until the one players want shows up, can have a big impact on the entire community over time. This would be a great list for developer Niantic to go through if it wanted to score a few small wins with a community with which it’s damaged its relationship in recent weeks.