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Rural Pokemon Go Players Devastated By Local Only Shadow Mewtwo Raids

Pokemon Go's Rising Shadows event ends with Shadow Mewtwo raids, but players are unhappy that they don't allow Remote Passes.

Pokemon Go has been an excellent way to bring the Pokemon franchise to more players worldwide, however, sometimes it’s easier to enjoy when living near larger groups of players. This makes it difficult for rural or disabled players to participate in Raids or complete certain tasks that require more than one person.

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Niantic often advocates for trainers to play together, which can require players to travel to the nearest urban areas. And this is pushed even further when looking at Pokemon Go’s Rising Shadows event that features a Shadow Mewtwo Raid debut… but only for in-person players.

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Pokémon Go Players Can’t Play Raids In Their Areas

Like clockwork, one player took to Reddit to discuss their disappointment in the Rising Shadows event. ” I am just super disappointed. I have been saving coins since the remote pass price increase, and I wanted to spend them on something good,” they wrote. “I am in the middle of nowhere though, so in-person-only raids are a no-go. Just kinda sad at the moment.”

This sentiment was echoed throughout the post’s comments, even with players who live in metro areas chiming in with complaints.

“Was mentioning that to a buddy this morning,” Tarnationman wrote. “We’ll get to smile and wave at all the Mewtwo raids in our area that will be unobtainable since they’re local only and it takes a solid team to take them down.”

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However, players do have a bit of time to prepare before Shadow Mewtwo veers its head. The raids kick off at 10 AM local time on Saturday, May 27. This provides a few days to wrangle groups and scope out gyms before the Legendary clone appears.

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