Pokemon Go Players Praise Niantic For Increasing Range For Wild Spawns

Pokemon Go players praise Niantic as the range for wild Pokemon spawning has been increased, many fear it is a glitch.

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go’s community has often shared frustrations with how the game doesn’t seem to spawn enough wild Pokemon both while out and about or sitting at home. It is obvious why this would cause some frustration for players as they want to “catch em’ all.”

Players usually only have a small circle around the area they are on the map, but in a recent update, this has seemed to change and players have taken notice. Trainers aren’t sure if they should be praising Niantic or if it might be a glitch that will be fixed later.

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Players Are Excited as They See More Pokemon Go Wild Spawns

A user posted to Reddit about how there is an increased range for wild spawns, meaning that the circle is a lot bigger than before. This makes more than one or two Pokemon pop up around a player’s avatar, now a lot of players getting four or five.

However, with the good news there seems to be some off-putting bad news, with players getting up to five Pokemon but then having them despawning too quickly for players to catch. One user said, “There are 5 spawns at my house that are just out of range. The Pokémon will spawn and immediately disappear before I can click it.”

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Other users are saying that they expect this to be a bug that the developers haven’t noticed yet and that it’ll be patched, decreasing the wild spawns to a lower rate. There is no official announcement whether this was increased on purpose or by an accidental glitch. Hopefully, this feature will be here to stay as it is already pleasing many players.