Pokemon Go Players Praise Niantic For Long Awaited Raid Feature

Pokemon Go players discover new feature that has raid trainers very pleased when in lobbies with other players.

Lugia Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go players have been struggling with missing features and needed additions for years, and with more cuts to content than additions, many may feel the negatives are outweighing the positives. Thankfully, a recent updates has introduced a heavily-desired feature – and fans are loving it.

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Many games often have what is called a “Ready up” button. This allows players to sit and wait for others to join without immediately being thrown into a match that isn’t ready. So if a player wishes to sit and wait in a game, they can and then simply hit the Ready button once everyone is ready to go it will begin. Now, players are seeing this feature in Pokemon Go.

Niantic Adds “Ready” Up Button To Pokemon Go Raids

As shared in a recent thread on Reddit, some players of Pokemon Go have started to see this button popping up on their screens when participating in different raids. The Pokemon Party names have been moved to the bottom suddenly, which one player points out, is making space for the new ready button.

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Another player in the comments offered some notable ideas about the new button, including a comment that the feature became available two days before posting. The button works with different Raid Passes, it’s available in both public and private lobbies, and it will be enabled when two or more players are in a lobby.

The ready button disappears when only 15 seconds are left, and once all players have clicked ready, the countdown will drop to 10 seconds automatically. However, if a raid reaches 20 players, the countdown of 10 seconds will begin instantly.

This feature effectively eliminates the need to wait for a Raid to start when out in a public setting or allows those with a full lobby to skip the wait and get battling. Fans seem to agree that this is a very helpful feature and one that has been needed for years. Hopefully, the reception of the Pokemon Go “Ready” button will encourage Niantic to add other beneficial features during upcoming events.