Pokemon Go Players Praise Niantic For Remote Raid Buff

Niantic is receiving immense praise after implementing a Remote Raid buff in Pokemon Go, boosting the damage of remote players.

Image via The Pokémon Company

In recent months, there has been growing tension between Niantic and its dedicated player base. In April of 2023, Niantic implemented changes to Remote Raid Passes, which included increasing their price and imposing limits on their use. These alterations were met with considerable backlash from players, who accused Niantic of undermining the functionality of Remote Raid Passes and negatively impacting gameplay.

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Amidst this heated controversy, Niantic has now made an unexpected move that has garnered significant attention and praise from the Pokemon GO community. Niantic has officially announced that the increased damage dealt by Pokemon participating in raids remotely, previously designated as a “seasonal bonus” until June 1st, 2023, will now be a permanent feature. This means that the damage output of Pokemon engaged in remote raids will be on par with those participating in in-person raids.

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Buff Receives Praise

The news has come as a pleasant surprise to many players anticipating further nerfs to remote raids. The Pokémon GO Reddit community has been buzzing with reactions. Some expressed astonishment, with one user commenting, “Wow, didn’t expect that, honestly. I felt like they were going to Nerf remote until it died.”

Others, while appreciative of the buff, used the opportunity to voice additional concerns, demanding the return of free weekly remote raid passes as an incentive to reengage with the game. Meanwhile, a few players expressed relief, believing that the recent price changes and daily limits had influenced Niantic’s decision.

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Niantic’s latest move has undoubtedly shifted the sentiment within the Pokemon GO community. While it remains to be seen how players will react in the long run, restoring remote raiding damage to its former glory has been widely hailed as a positive step. It appears that Niantic is starting to listen to player feedback, and this change has the potential to reinvigorate the game for many enthusiasts.