Pokemon GO Players Warn Against Using Party Play As Glitch Runs Rampant

Pokemon GO players report frustrating glitch with Party Play that leaves game frozen on challenge screen for hours

Party Play Caution

Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO recently released a new feature called Party Play, which lets players group up with others to take on special challenges. However, fans are warning against the feature due to a massive glitch resulting from Party Play.

Party Play launched to mixed results, with many players joking about how they would have to find friends before they could use it. Now that it seems to be an unstable addition to the app, even trainers who were previously curious to check it out might think twice until the issue is resolved.

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What’s Happening with the Party Play Glitch in Pokemon GO?

On October 30, Reddit users began warning others away from Party Play due to a glitch that essentially freezes the game.

The issue, posted by a few different users over the last day or so, causes the app to get stuck on the “Choose Your Challenge” page for Party Play. Players report that the glitch is stubborn and doesn’t resolve when you quit the app or even restart your phone. The controls in the app stop working entirely, so trainers cannot select a challenge or back out of the menu. They’re stuck in Party Play limbo and unable to play Pokemon GO.

In the comments, many users responded to share that they’ve had the same issue with trying to use Party Play recently. Others note that they’ve seen a similar thread on Twitter, suggesting the glitch is fairly widespread. In addition to threads like these, Twitter users post screengrabs of the glitch in response to the @PokemonGOApp Party Play announcement from earlier this month, asking them to fix the game.

Most posters report that their apps get unstuck eventually, often after the allotted time for the party ends. However, they say this has taken anywhere from an hour to four hours, leaving them unable to use the app in the interim.

As of now, there’s no official comment on the issue on the @PokemonGoApp Twitter page or official website, so it’s unclear when we might see a fix for the glitch.