Pokemon Go: New Raid Hour This Saturday Will Include Galarian Weezing


Pokémon Go is celebrating the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield by having a Raid Hour that will introduce Galarian Weezing to the game.

Weezing is typically a gaseous Pokémon; it is two floating rocks conjoined together. In all previous game appearances, Weezing is a pure poison type. In Sword and Shield, however, it gains a new appearance. It now spews out green foam that surrounds its face to make it look like it has a mustache.

New Weezing also has a new head that becomes more like a chimney smoke. With the green mustache and chimney top hat, Weezing comes off looking like old-timey gentlemen.

This new Weezing form is called Galarian Weezing, and it is a poison and fairy-type Pokémon. It is weak against psychic and steel-type attacks.

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As a form of celebration for Sword and Shield’s release, Pokémon Go will have Galarian Weezing appear in a new Raid hour event. Galarian Weezing will start showing up in four-star raids on Nov. 16, from 2pm to 3pm local time. After the hour is up, Galarian Weezing will still occasionally appear in some raids.

Pokémon is also offering new clothes for the trainer avatars in the game. These new clothes are based on the default clothing that the main character wears in Pokémon Sword and Shield wear.