Pokemon Home Announces Release Date Change for Scarlet & Violet Compatibility

There’s been a development with the Pokémon Home update for Scarlet & Violet, and it looks like players will need to wait a bit longer.

Many Pokémon fans were looking forward to the upcoming Pokémon Home 3.0.0 update as it allowed them to connect their Scarlet & Violet profiles with the program. This would enable players to transfer the Pokémon they discover in the Paldea region to their Pokémon Home account or bring over their favorite partners from previous games. Unfortunately, the date has been changed.

The Pokémon team had originally shared that the 3.0.0 update for Pokémon Home would be happening on May 23, 2023, but instead, it’s being pushed later in the future, without an exact date to give players hope, but it should be happening soon.

Pokémon Pushes back Pokémon Home Update Release Plan for Scarlet & Violet

The announcement was made from the official Pokémon Twitter page. The team shared that while they had posted the release date as being May 23/24, this was a mistake, and the actual release date was not ready to present yet. However, they will have additional details coming forward, and players should expect to hear something shortly.

How much time players will need to wait has yet to be determined, but Pokémon fans were decidedly eager for the Pokémon Home update for Scarlet & Violet. Players have been waiting since the game launched in November 2022 and have only heard it will happen in spring 2023. Yesterday was the first real acknowledgment of a release date, and to have it pulled away from this is never a fun experience.

However, the Pokémon development team is typically on top of their game for this. We can expect to hear something within the next few weeks. Hopefully, the update officially launches in early June 2023 or even before May closes. We’re not holding out for the end of May and have our expectations set for sometime in early June.

When the Pokémon Home update does arrive, all players who connect their account and transfer a Pokémon over will receive a unique Sprigatito, Fuecoc, and Quaxly with Hidden Abilities as a Mystery Gift. These will appear on the player’s mobile version of Pokémon Home.

Hopefully, the Pokémon community is not taking the news too badly. The Pokémon developers are relatively forward with the process and have been eager to address players’ concerns when they have information to share.