Pokémon Legends: Arceus tweet shares an ominous tease for a new Pokémon

It looks like The Blair Witch Pokemon Project.

Screenshot from Pokemon Legends Arceus

Image via Nintendo

The official Pokémon Twitter account posted a video this morning teasing a new Pokémon for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The video, which is uncharacteristically ominous for a family-friendly brand such as Pokémon, is a found-footage tape from the perspective of someone exploring the Hisui region — Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ primary setting.

“Please examine this footage and report back with your findings,” wrote the Pokémon Twitter account. 

Much of the video is distorted; its visuals are often obscured by static interference, and the audio frequently cuts out. However, when the image quality is clear, it’s apparent the video takes place in a snowy, mountainous region.

Towards the end of the tape, the narrator meets an unseen, mysterious Pokémon that turns its attention towards him. Unfortunately for him, something — it’s not exactly clear what — happens that prompts him to fall over and yell in anguish as the video ends. Remember that this is an advertisement for a new Pokémon game.

One could presume this mystery Pokémon might have charged him, but it’s hard to say for certain. As for what this aforementioned Pokémon is, the narrator describes it as an adorable creature with round, yellow eyes, fur around its neck and head, and a swaying, red-tipped tail. Additionally, he mistakes it for both Vulpix and Growlithe towards the end of the tape.

The hints provided by the teaser have sparked speculation by fans about what this mystery Pokémon could be. Given the unveiling of Hisuian Growlithe — a Pokémon with fur around both its neck and head — a couple of months ago, fans on Twitter have entertained theories of this being a Hisuian variant of Growlithe’s evolved form, Arcanine, but others have suggested that Pokémon like Flaafy or Frostlass could fit the bill as well.