Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Loses 6-Star Tera Raid Shiny Thanks to Iron Hands

One fan can’t a fellow player in a 6-Star Shiny Goodra in a Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet threw a chance to catch it.

Image via The Pokémon Company

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has had what must have felt like an unbelievable experience. Thanks to another player’s Iron Hands, they missed out on catching an incredibly rare Shiny Goodra, and they’re understandably upset about it.

The player posted about their experience on the Scarlet & Violet Subreddit, and other fans have replied in the comments with their condolences and expressions of disbelief over a few aspects of the situation. Some have offered solace or potential solutions, but that can’t lessen the pain the original poster must have felt at the time.

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Player Can’t Believe They Lost a 6-Star Tera Raid Shiny Because of Another Player’s Iron Hands

Tera Raids are among the best challenges for players in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. They’re rare events that task players with battling incredibly powerful Pokemon with Tera Types different to their normal ones, making each battle as much about strategy as it is about raw power. 6-Star Tera Raids are no cakewalk, especially against rare Tera Types, but when the Pokemon players are battling is shiny, the aim changes from defeating the creature to capturing it.

Recently on the Scarlet & Violet Subreddit, a player posted about how they missed out on catching a Shiny Goodra in a 6-Star Tera Raid because one of the players in the raid defeated it before anyone had a chance to capture it.

Capturing a Shiny Tera Raid Pokemon like Goodra should be relatively simple because most players want shiny Pokemon. They’re rare variants of standard Pokemon and take a long time to hunt down. Most Scarlet & Violet players understand that they need to battle Pokemon in Tera Raids to a certain point before they can try to capture them, but in this case, it seems that one player either didn’t know or didn’t care.

In the comments on this post, fellow players have chimed in with questions over why certain Pokemon were used and words of commiseration for the original poster, “I’m confused as to why no one brought Annihilape or Kingambit to this raid. Sorry for the lost shiny.” While most players feel the pain for this loss, they’re also confused about why more optimal Pokemon weren’t used.

The player that missed out on this Shiny Goodra could try to capture it in another attempt, provided they were the host for this Tera Raid. The comments on this post highlight how in cases such as these, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is becoming more like Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft, where it makes more sense to have a team or clan to play the toughest content with instead of relying on randoms.

For some players, especially those new to a game, playing with randoms is how they learn to tackle the hardest content it has to offer. If they don’t take advantage of that facility, they don’t learn, but as the comments in this thread show, some high-level players don’t want to play with randoms. This can create a divide that only widens the gap between new and long-time players, something not traditionally associated with a series such as Pokemon.