Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Dialogue Hints At 7-Star Mewtwo Raids

Only 7 stars for Mewtwo? Rude.

Image via The Pokémon Company

A recent Scarlet & Violet update was expected to bring changes to move descriptions, specifically for Dire Claw, Stone Axe, and Ceaseless Edge. However, the developers had a surprise in store for eager fans.

Contrary to expectations, the move descriptions for the aforementioned attacks remained unchanged. Instead, data miners have stumbled upon leaked “DLC content” that promises an exciting addition to the gameplay experience. It all started with a tweet from the vigilant data miner, mattyoukhana_, who uncovered an unused line of dialogue in the game’s latest update.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Update Teases 7-Star Mewtwo Raid

Initially, it was speculated that this discovery hinted at a paid DLC release. However, further investigation by Sibuna_Switch has shed light on the true nature of this dialogue. 

Sibuna_Switch’s findings confirm that this line is triggered during a 7-star raid against Mewtwo when players use its predecessor – Mew. This unique effect grants Mew particular advantages in combat, but only in the intense battles of 7-star raids against Mewtwo. Lower-level raid encounters do not activate this feature.

While an official announcement is yet to be made by The Pokemon Company, this exciting discovery suggests that a grand 7-star raid event featuring Mewtwo may be on the horizon. Fans are thrilled by the news and hope it’s fully fleshed out in the upcoming DLC to further build upon the Mew and Mewtwo Pokemon lore.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are buzzing with anticipation and speculation about the epicness that awaits in these 7-star Mewtwo raids. The prospect of battling against one of the franchise’s most iconic and formidable Pokemon at unprecedented difficulty has sparked discussions across social media platforms. Trainers worldwide eagerly await further news and confirmation from The Pokemon Company about this thrilling addition to the game.