Pokémon Sleep awakens from its slumber, launches in summer 2023

Pokémon Sleep has been out for longer than Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep animation featuring Snorlax

Image Via The Pokemon Company

After years spent in slumber, The Pokémon Company finally announced that Pokémon Sleep will launch on Android and iOS devices in the summer of 2023. The game is compatible with the Pokémon Go Plus+ accessory, as it monitors how the player sleeps, rewards them with Pokémon, and can even be used with Pokémon Go.

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Pokémon Sleep was initially announced in 2019, with a 2020 release window, but there has been radio silence for years, with many assuming it was canceled. That said, Pokémon Sleep’s alarm is about to finally go off, as it was announced during the Pokémon Presents showcase that Pokémon Sleep is launching this summer, with the Pokémon Go Plus+ accessory will be available for purchase on July 21. A new trailer on The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel explains the mechanics of the game and the functions of the Pokémon Go Plus+.

Pokémon Sleep is set on an island with Professor Neroli, a new Pokémon Professor, and different Pokémon. Once the Pokémon Go Plus+ accessory and app are set up, the game will monitor how well the player sleeps, with a huge Snorlax representing the player in the game world. The sleep pattern will be broken down into one of three categories: Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering, causing different Pokémon to appear, depending on how the player slept.

The Pokémon Go Plus+ accessory has different functions, as it’s used to record the player’s sleep. These functions are implemented with the help of a Pikachu, as it can sing you a lullaby or act as an alarm. The Pokémon Go Plus+ can also be used with Pokémon Go, as it can spin Poké Stops and throw Poké Balls at Pokémon, with more functions planned in future updates. Those who use the accessory in Pokémon Go can also acquire a Snorlax wearing a nightcap.

It’s strange to finally have a release date for Pokémon Sleep, as it has achieved mythical status among fans, thanks to its unique premise and the fact that it dropped off the face of the Earth after its initial announcement. The pandemic may have affected the game’s development, as it would have been hard to mass test its functions in lockdown, especially in a controlled environment. Whatever the case, the developers must finally be satisfied with how Pokémon Sleep works and are ready to monitor the dreams of Pokémon fans worldwide.