Pokemon SV Players Outraged Over Gimmighoul Shiny Odds & Broken Rewards

The Gimmighoul Tera Raids are off to a rough start in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with low shiny rates and players miss out on the rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Today’s Nintendo Direct was full of surprising announcements, from the arrival of another 2D Mario Game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, to the debut of the Glow Pikmin appearing in Pikmin 4. One of the smaller announcements was the arrival of Gimmighoul appearing in Tera Raids for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with the chance to appear as a shiny version.

However, when the raids went live shortly after the Nintendo Direct, many Pokemon fans began to notice a few holes they felt were overlooked by The Pokemon Company. With the first few raids completed, players have noticed that Gimmighoul comes with the standard shiny odds of finding a Pokemon in the wild, and the rewards are broken for anyone who completes it.

Players Slam Shiny Gimmighoul Attempts and Missing Rewards

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have already taken to Twitter to share these announcements. The PKMNcast Twitter team have shared the shiny rates with the community, and many are already feeling like this could be an event they avoid participating in, given these overall chances of encountering a shiny Gimmighoul.

We have some players sharing that, “This is a terrible event, I see no reason to do it,” based on these odds. However, some players are more than excited to see that shiny Pokemon have arrived in Tera Raids, giving them a small amount of hope that additional Pokemon that appear in future five-star raids or in other events have the opportunity to also appear in their shiny form.

To add another broken straw to this already flimsy event, players have reported that after completing the Gimmighoul five-star raids in Scarlet & Violet, the rewards are not showing up. Many players have shared that the rewards are broken if they attempt to complete the event, which has happened in previous Tera Raids with The Pokemon Company, unfortunately.

Some players in the comments have shared that this only happens to Pokemon Scarlet players, but we cannot confirm it. Regardless, it looks like not everything is working correctly with these raids, with might turn off several Scarlet & Violet players who might have thought about jumping back into the game.

It’s been several months since the release of Scarlet & Violet, and many Pokemon fans are feeling the fatigue of the game. Although many await additional details for the upcoming expansions, the Pokemon Company continues to remain evasive with their questions, only providing small trailers, like the one shown in the Nintendo Direct for June 2023. We’re still without a concrete release date, as well, but it should be sometime in fall 2023.

Hopefully, the Gimmighoul shiny odds will be reviewed by The Pokemon Company, and they tweak the event a bit to make it more player friendly.