Pokemon TCG Fans Celebrate Full Art Iron Valiant & Roaring Moon ex Debuts

Iron Valiant & Roaring Moon are rocking full card art in the next Pokemon TCG set.

Image Via PokeBeach

Pokemon trading card game fans are expressing their love for some of the new cards revealed for the Ancient Roar & Future Flash sets, featuring full art of the Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon Pokemon. Like the games they originated from, these Pokemon represent the far future and ancient past of the Pokemon world.

Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon are Paradox Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Iron Valiant is a futuristic Fairy/Fighting-type Pokemon that combines elements of Gardevoir and Gallade, possibly as the result of an experiment gone wrong. While Roaring Moon is an ancient Dragon/Dark-type Pokemon that resembles a more bestial version of Mega Salamence.

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Full Art Iron Valiant & Roaring Moon ex Cards Are Part Of The Ancient Roar & Future Flash Pokemon TCG Sets

Ancient Roar and Future Flash are two new Pokemon TCG sets that will soon be released in Japan, which will combine into a set called Paradox Rift for the English release in November. Some of the new cards appearing in these sets were revealed during a Japanese tournament livestream, as reported by PokeBeach. These have included new full art versions of Iron Valiant ex and Roaring Moon ex, which fans instantly took to.

Iron Valiant ex has the Tachyon Bits Ability, allowing it to deal 2 damage counters to an opponent’s Pokemon when it switches to the bench, while its Lazer Sword attack deals 200 damage, but it cannot attack the next turn. Roaring Moon ex has Calamity Storm, which deals 100 damage on its own, but if you discard a Stadium card that’s in play, then it deals 120 more points of damage. It also has the Frenzied Gouging attack, which instantly KOs an opponent’s Pokemon but deals 200 damage to Roaring Moon ex.

Both Iron Valiant ex and Roaring Moon ex are impressive in terms of their abilities, but fans are excited about the amazing artwork on their full art variants. Iron Valiant stands proudly among other future Pokemon, while Roaring Moon hunts Pokemon from the past who flee from its presence.

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The Pokemon TCG has always had incredible artwork, but the limited edition full art cards have always been beautiful to behold. Both Iron Valiant ex and Roaring Moon ex cards are easy to find via their respective collector’s boxes, but fans will have to go digging in packs if they want the special full art versions.