Pokemon UK Twitter Account Mocks “X” Rebrand With Perfect Post

The Pokemon UK Twitter account has snapped back at the new rebrand, throwing the perfect image in as fans mock the website.

Image by The Pokemon Company on Twitter

The Twitter changes seem to continue uninterrupted as Twitter owner Elon Musk shifts the website, logo and all, into a new direction. This surprised no one, as Musk posted recently that the company would say goodbye to “the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” That statement turns out to be pretty literal, as anyone who’s gotten on the website can tell you. The famous bird logo is no more, instead an X is taking its place.

As expected, responses from accounts all over the website range from surprised, to frustrated, mildly annoyed, or simply amused. Many such cases have been present as the site has practically exploded with memes, statements, or rebuttals to the change – this includes the UK Pokemon Twitter account.

Twitter Continues To Change, Users Generally Remain The Same

In a recent “Xeet” by PokemonNewsUK, the well-loved franchise’s social media account has taken a jab at the changes, stating “… are we doing this correctly?” while using the “X” logo from the 3DS title Pokemon X from Gen 6.

It used to be rare to see any social media handle with a professional capacity comment on changes or issues with a joke, but these days it’s actually a great marketing tactic. Pokemon certainly doesn’t need much more attention, but there’s no denying a well-timed jab when appropriate.

Quick-witted accounts, especially those with an already big following, usually nab the worm in situations like these. That’s why users often see social media accounts, like the official accounts for Sonic the Hedgehog or Wendys, accumulate such a reputation. While the jokes are nice, it still leads to general conversation as to what’s going to be changed next. Will Tweets really be called Xeets from now on? Is the change permanent, or will reception encourage a return to form? What else stands to change now that the entire name is out the window?

At least for both parties, those outside X and in, it’s all pretty entertaining.