Pokémon Unite releases on Nintendo Switch next month, Android and iOS version coming in September

A new trailer shows shows off more gameplay.


Image via Pokémon Unite’s YouTube

A new trailer has revealed the release windows for Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The trailer includes a new cinematic look at the game and some fresh gameplay with a huge cast of Pokémon battling it out.

Pokémon Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch in July, and all smartphones later this year in September. There’s no firm release date for either yet, but we now have a much smaller release window for both versions. It makes sense for the Switch version to launch first because of the established Pokémon fanbase there. However, there’s a sizeable community of players on mobile who are all familiar with the franchise, thanks to Pokémon GO.

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA built from the ground up for the Pokémon universe. Players take on the role of their favorite Pokémon and battle it out in 5v5 matches with other players. You’ll start in the earliest evolutionary form of your chosen Pokémon and earn experience by fighting in-game enemies and other players to evolve to become stronger, unlocking more powers to use to help your team in the match.

In the new trailer, we see Snorlax and Mr. Mime creating barricades to stop other players from reaching their goal, whilst Pikachu utilizes a quick attack to save a goal in the final second.