Pokémon World Championships will drop an exclusive Pokémon Go Timed Research in Twitch chat

You will need to be fast to find this reward.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon World Championships return this week on August 18, and players worldwide will meet in London to compete in some of the most significant Pokémon battles. These battles will crown championship titles for players in Pokémon TCG, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pokémon Unite, Pokkén Tournament, and for the first time, Pokémon Go. To celebrate, Pokémon Go players will have the chance to grab an exclusive Pokémon Go Timed Research when watching these battles on Twitch, but players need to act fast to grab them.

The exclusive Pokémon Go Timed Research will be available through a redeemable code that appears in the Pokémon Go Twitch chat during the event. The available Twitch streams start on August 18 at 7:30 AM UTC, August 19 at 7:45 AM UTC, and August 20 at 7:45 AM UTC. The code won’t appear on the screen, but in Twitch chat. Because many people are typing in the chat at once, it might be challenging to catch the code in time.

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Those lucky enough to grab it must go to the Code Redemption website to sign in to their Pokémon Go account and redeem the code. The Timed Research will then be available to anyone who successfully redeems the code. The Timed Research is all about team building and creating an effective Great League team.

The rewards featured in the Timed Research feature three teams. The first team is made up of an Ariados, Pelipper, and Galarian Stunfisk. The second team is Skarmory, Swampert, and Drapion. The third and final team consists of Talonflame, Venusaur, and Jellicent. All of these Pokémon are viable choices for a suitable Pokémon Go Great League team, and any player who already doesn’t have these Pokémon will want to try and grab this code.

This is a Timed Research alongside the Pokémon Go World Championship celebration event, which begins on August 18.

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