Pokemon x Van Gogh Collection Sells Out Instantly On Pokemon Center

The Pokemon x Van Gogh online merchandise collection has already sold out, leaving fans without the artistic, exclusive items.


Image via Van Gogh Museum

Pokemon has done some rather creative collaborations over the years, and their most recent involves working with the world-famous Van Gogh Museum to celebrate the museum’s 50th anniversary and help teach young people about Van Gogh and his art.

Of course, with anything Pokemon-related, there is merch, and it looks like fans have been eager to get their hands on it as the Pokemon Center has sold out of nearly every product released as part of the collaboration.

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Exclusive Pokemon X Van Gogh Merchandise Is Already Being Resold Online

Image via Van Gogh Museum

The recently announced collaboration between the Pokemon brand and the Van Gogh Museum will see the event run until January 7. The museum will feature several Van Gogh-inspired artworks featuring Pokemon, as well as several other activities for attendees to enjoy.

Merch such as a plush, tote bag, statue, and prints of the artwork was up for grabs, with each order coming with an exclusive Pokemon card called “Pikachu in a Grey Felt Hat” reminiscent of the classic portrait of Van Gogh. Yet, at the time of writing, nearly every product has now sold out on the store, leaving many fans empty-handed.

Of course, a good chunk of this merch has been snatched up by scalpers who, as usual, are ruining a good thing for everyone else. Even with the event just starting, you will already find several listings on eBay of people selling off their exclusive cards for up to over $300, and some of the merch like the prints is beginning to pop up with massive markups.

It’s not just the online store that has been swarmed, as there is plenty of footage online of the museum gift shop being raided by people eager to grab all the merchandise they can (be aware you might hear some explicit language in the video). Thankfully, the museum has now changed its policy and will only allow one per person, but this will likely be a problem during the event’s duration.

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If we could offer some advice, don’t purchase anything from scalpers; give it some time, and the products will likely get restocked over the collaboration, so be patient, and we imagine you will get your hands on some merch at some point soon.