Popular Pokémon Sword and Shield starter coming to Café Mix

Get ready to monkey around in Pokémon Café Mix.


After only hours of being released, Pokémon Café Mix will be getting its first timed-exclusive event. Nintendo has announced the event revolves around obtaining fan-favorite Sword and Shield starter Scorbunny. The event will be available to both Switch and mobile users from July 1 to 15.

Via Serebii.net

Scorbunny comes in as the 17th Pokémon available in the game. Usually, players have to serve particular orders to Pokémon to raise chemistry levels and add them to their coffee shop staff. However, neither Nintendo nor Pokémon Company has yet provided any information on how the character can be obtained.

Aside from the upcoming event, players can currently invest in getting the Special Pikachu Pack, which is rather helpful for succeeding in the game. Pokémon Cafe Mix is available now on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.