Project xCloud has “discussions going on” to join other devices

But this won’t be its final name.

image via Microsoft

Microsoft’s EVP at gaming Phil Spencer has revealed the company has “discussions going on” to bring Project xCloud on other devices.

The Xbox platform owner has announced that Project xCloud is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost in September. The streaming service is currently only available on mobile, mainly Android, and with minimal output on iOS smartphones and tablets.

The company aims for more devices, and the release on PC is expected to happen in 2020, as announced last year at X019. However, PC support hasn’t been disclosed since then, and rumors have it that it could work similarly to Nvidia GeForce Now on the platform.

“We want to bring Project xCloud, eventually, to every screen that someone can stream games to,” Spencer told The Verge. “Right now, we’re just saying mobile.”

As shared by the executive, “there are discussions going on, and we’re working through things.”

“We’ll talk more specifically about which mobile devices through August and the September launch,” as for platforms that will be supported upon release.

Phil Spencer also mentioned that, despite being so close to the release date, a final name for Project xCloud has not been determined yet.

“This isn’t the official name, but you should think about it as Game Pass streaming or Xbox streaming, something like that,” he hinted.

“We actually don’t have the final name just yet, but it won’t be Project xCloud,” anyway, so don’t get used to that name.

It is not clear which “discussions” he’s talking about, but there’s also some rumor that the Redmond giant could be interested in Switch and even PlayStation when it comes to expanding the portfolio of supported platforms for Xbox Game Pass.

Whether that happens along the way or not, it remains to be seen, and perhaps there’s some room for it now that the service leaves its preview state.