Protect Wahoo World from Salmonids in Splatoon 3’s first Big Run event in December

Save Wahoo World and get paid for it!

Image via Nintendo

December is a big month for Splatoon fans. Splatoon 3 is getting a gigantic content update with Chill Season 2022, which includes new stages, a new catalog, and weapons for players to try out. Also coming out later that month is the first-ever Big Run event. Big Run is an expanded version of the beloved Salmon Run mode where players have to eliminate Salmonids in three rounds to get Golden Eggs. In Big Run, however, the Salmonids take over a part of Splatsville, endangering the citizens in that particular area. In December’s Big Run event, the Salmonids have taken over Wahoo World, a fun-filled amusement park that appears as a stage in the game.

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The official Splatoon Twitter account posted a couple of screenshots of Big Run. Here, players get to see the how different Splatsville looks when a Big Run is taking place. The sky, normally full of life, has taken a muddled red color. We also got a preview of the Big Run in action with a player fighting a Steelhead in Wahoo World.

Players who are looking to participate in the Big Run event won’t have to wait much longer as it will officially start on December 9 at 4 PM PT and last until December 11 4 PM PT. Those who do participate will be rewarded with Golden Eggs based on their overall performance by the end of the event. Those who are in the top 50% will receive at least 55 Golden Eggs, top 20% will get 73, and lastly, those who land in the top 5% will not only get at least 102 Golden Eggs, but they will also receive a special decoration for their locker. This decoration is a Golden statue of Cohozuna.