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Splatoon 3’s next season looks super chill, with new maps, weapons, and highly anticipated features

Fret not — Big Run and X Battles are on the way.

After a big win from Big Man in the Splatoon 3 Pokémon-themed Splatfest, Nintendo has announced some big plans for its big shooter. The second season of Splatoon 3, named Chill Season 2022, is starting just a few weeks from now, dropping new content and a number of features that veteran players have been asking for since its September launch. The biggest fish to fry are the Big Run mode and X Battles.

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A trailer for Chill Season 2022 shows off a new map named Brinewater Springs, combining an urban setting with an ancient castle aesthetic in the background. Additionally, the trailer also shows off fan-favorite Splatoon map Flounder Heights from the first game, along with some classic weapons. A press release from Nintendo promises 10 returning weapons from previous Splatoon games — we spotted the Tentatek Splattershot. Expect these weapons to function the same as existing weapons, but with different aesthetics and kits. This new season will also feature three new weapons: a Roller, a Charger, and a Shooter; the new Charger looks more like a rapid-fire alternative.

Competitive players will be pleased to know that X Battles will return in this new season. Like in Splatoon 2, players will have to sweat all the way to the top ranks of Anarchy Battles to compete in these elite competitive matches. Assuming they will function the same in Splatoon 3, X Battles will have players determine their X Power through a number of matches and then compete for their rankings.

And after a long wait, Big Run will finally arrive in the PvE Salmon Run mode. It’s unknown exactly how the event will work, but the premise of Big Run has the Salmonids invade a multiplayer map of the game and “change Splatsville”; this season will have players defend Wahoo World.

Splatoon 3 – Chill Season 2022 begins on Thursday, December 1. Expect a brand-new catalog with gear, victory emotes, banners, titles, and other goodies to come with it.

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