Proven Pokemon claim suggests rumored Diamond, Pearl remakes to have Let’s Go catching mechanics

An old forum entry has been unearthed after correctly predicting Sword and Shield information.

Update (2/1/21): Veteran leaker Centro Pokemon has disputed the claims of possible Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes holding catching elements first used in the series’s more lighter, simplistic Switch title, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

“There’s no reason to think it will have [Let’s Go] mechanics,” the insider, best known for their own Diamond and Pearl-related rumors, wrote on Twitter. Although they didn’t expand on this, Centro Pokemon also went on to say that these supposed remakes have been in development even before the release of Sword and Shield, and that they may bear the same engine as the past Switch installments.

Of course, these allegations won’t hold serious weight until official word, but Game Freak hasn’t given any indication yet that these Diamond and Pearl revivals are being worked on. As the Pokémon franchise will be turning 25 this year, it is heavily expected fans will see some sort of gaming content to celebrate.

Original story: With rumors of possible Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes coming to the forefront, Reddit users have discovered an old, fairly unnoticed forum post that may lend an eye toward what’s to come. Although it’s unverified and should be taken with a grain of salt, the 2019 claims do contain Pokemon: Sword and Shield details that are now proven correct.

In the supposed leak from October 2019, a user named Mrs Mime alleged that “next year’s games are Sinnoh remakes with Let’s Go catching.” Even though developer Game Freak ultimately put out DLC in 2020, Reddit users reason that the claim was accurate when speaking on mechanics from the Sword and Shield.

For instance, the post mentioned there would be a Galarian version of Mr. Mime, as well as fossil Pokemon “made from combinations of fossils you put together” in the newest games. They aren’t juicy details by any means, but the user did correctly predict these unannounced features more than a month before the game’s release.

Still, if this is true, Game Freak could have decided to steer the rumored remakes in another direction, especially after the success of 2019’s iterations. This newfound rumor comes only two weeks after a veteran leaker insisted an official February announcement would reveal these apparent Sinnoh-region reboots.