PS5 and Xbox Series X pricing is the “most important thing”, according to Mortal Kombat creator’s poll

Exclusives are the least important thing, surprisingly.


A poll promoted by Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon suggests that players consider PS5 and Xbox Series X’s price the most crucial component they’ll look at when deciding whether to buy a next-gen console or not.

The poll’s question was plain and straightforward and asked players, “what’s the most important thing for you” when talking about “next-gen consoles.”

“Affordable price” was the users’ best choice, as 37.5% of those participating in the survey selected that option.

The second was backwards compatibility (30%), which is going to be supported by both PlayStation and Xbox’s next-gen platforms.

Pricing is twice as important as better graphics compared to PS4 and Xbox One, and even exclusive games (19.2% and 13.2% respectively), which is quite surprising as Boon himself reckoned.

Based on feedback related to Xbox One, Microsoft has boosted its first-party games portfolio and is set to have more and more exclusive titles over the next several years. However, it doesn’t seem that important for customers.

Of course, this is just a poll, even if promoted by such an industry veteran, but it’s interesting to see that “50,000+ of you have spoken” and have voiced their need to see PS5 and Xbox Series X not reaching the stores with high prices.

While Sony and Microsoft have not disclosed pricing details yet, a recent report from Bloomberg claims that PS5’s production costs will be higher than anticipated due to certain parts being harder to manufacture.

We don’t have similar reports for Xbox Series X at the time being, but Niko Partners’ analyst Daniel Ahmad believes that the console will cost around $460-520 to manufacture.