PS5 DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers can be disabled

Here’s how to do it.

Sony has revealed PlayStation 5 accessibility options, including the chance to disable some of the most innovative technologies designed for the DualSense controller.

According to the details announced in an SIE Blog post, players will be able to reduce or even disable the force of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. 

Adaptive triggers are thought to oppose a force to players’ efforts to push the triggers, and this could cause problems to a portion of PS5 users.

Haptic feedback will provide a brand new feeling directly in the controller’s body, opposite to a more limited, centric rumble, and this could be too strong for some. These features can be enabled or disabled by selecting Settings, then Accessories from the PlayStation 5 home screen.

Sony has pushed the boundaries when it comes to accessibility for its next-generation console and added some neat touches for all the players.

Audio improvements will give players a better spatial awareness, and voice dictation will be a useful new input method to replace the virtual keyboard.

This will also work in chats, where users will be able to write text messages and have them spoken out for other party members, thanks to a screen reader.

These are just some of the exciting improvements applied to PlayStation 5. On the hardware side, a fan will be empowered to change speed based on software updates.