Former Xbox marketing boss on PS5 specs, “it’s a great deal” if priced $399

Sony made “a couple very smart moves.”

PlayStation 5

Former Xbox marketing director Albert Penello has shared some considerations about PS5 full specifications reveal, claiming that Sony has been able to do “a couple very smart moves.”

While gamers might have been baffled by the 10.28 teraflops count, which is set to be inferior compared to Xbox Series X’s 12 teraflops, Penello claims that he is not particularly impressed by PlayStation’s choice not to aim that high with raw power.

“I think the are making a couple very smart moves, actually,” which are likely including a less powerful – and less expensive – GPU in favor of a more agile CPU and a faster SSD unit. “Remember, I never thought it was going to be much over 9tflops so I’m not disappointed,” he mentioned in a comment on ResetEra.

Then, the former Xbox team member offered an idea of how much the console might cost when it releases by the end of the year. While he doesn’t claim to know or hint at anything specific, he added that “if this thing is actually $399 I think it’s a great deal.”

Sony has made a name over the current generation thanks to the choice of launching PlayStation 4 at $100 less the price tag compared to Xbox One, and looking at the specifics; there’s a chance the platform owner might be planning something similar with PS5 as well.

The Japanese company has revealed the full specifications of its next-gen console, making it known it will have fewer teraflops in regards to Xbox Series X, but that will be equipped with a much faster SSD.

The internal SSD storage will be smaller, 825GB, but will also be expandable through devices that won’t be proprietary but will be required to go through a certification process before reaching stores.

The backwards compatibility will also be supported, even though a little differently compared with what we had anticipated, only a curated list of titles from the PS4 era will be available on PlayStation 5’s day one. However, it will be expanded in the years to come.