PS5 user interface has “very few pixels left from PS4”

The console’s main menu is going to be different.


VP of UX design at PlayStation Matt MacLaurin has shared more details about the user interface in the upcoming PS5 during a recent chat with fans on LinkedIn. We had only seen quick glimpses of the user interface at the latest next-gen livestream last week, and more is said to be coming soon.

MacLaurin told fans that the new UI is “a little more pragmative,” as shared on ResetEra when compared with the existing PS4 main menu, and further commented on that.

It’s a “100% overhaul of PS4 UI, and some very different new concepts” were introduced for making it so that it would support the PS5 features.

The team made “some key new bets” taking some risks when crafting the user interface, on top of it “largely cleaning up core functionality.”

As UI, it wants to be “practical first,” but the team at Sony made a “complete rearchitecting of the user interface” since “very few pixels left from PS4.”

PlayStation also wanted “experience goals measured in milliseconds across the entire UI,” and that should be a result of the team’s desire to show how much of a difference that super-fast SSD can do compared to current-gen.

About when the UI will be showcased, MacLaurin feels “the PS marketing team is best in the business,” which means he has total faith in what they’re doing.

Considering Sony is said to be working on a second PS5 event and that it should be scheduled for August, we could hear more regarding this topic rather soon.