PS5 introducing next-gen “compelling lineup soon,” two events reportedly slated for the summer

Sony seemingly confirming the latest rumors.


Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has revealed that the company plans to “introduce a compelling lineup for PS5 soon,” fueling rumors of an incoming next-gen presentation.

Yoshida has disclosed these tiny details during a corporate strategy meeting, proving recent reports of two presentations slated for the summer might be confirmed.

A new report from VentureBeat had just shared that the company might be expected to host two different PS5 events in a matter of months.

At first, reporter Jeff Grubb had shared that the first event would take place on June 4, but as mentioned by former Kotaku’s news editor Jason Schreier, it is now expected to happen in early to mid-June.

The event is said to have been delayed as part of the company’s plans still being in flux, but “that doesn’t mean it’s slipping by a matter of weeks, though. The early June timeframe is still the company’s current plan,” Grubb adds.

This event should host “a roster of next-gen games,” and – as happened with the May 7 Inside Xbox – it is reported to include both first and third party productions.

We do not know whether Sony will actually showcase the design of PS5 or not, but Grubb mentions that by the second event this summer, reportedly slated for August, we’ll have learned about that.

The August event is reported to be a new State of Play broadcast, happening early in the month, and “will highlight a combination of current and next-gen games.”

The reporter adds that “through August,” players should also expect more PlayStation Blog and social channels posts alongside live or recorded video presentations.

PlayStation Blog posts were used to reveal the official name of the console and its launch window, and more recently, the design and the name of DualSense, the next-gen controller from the Japanese platform owner. Such a strategy has been widely criticized, even though Sony believes that a final judgment on that topic should come once we have the PS5 sales figures.

Despite concerns over COVID-19’s impact on production and sales, PS5 is still scheduled for Holiday 2020.