PS5 will still be “the best selling system,” even though Xbox will “start to chip” PS4 market share

DFC Intelligence reports about next-gen.

Images via Sony and Microsoft

Images via Sony and Microsoft

According to DFC Intelligence, despite Microsoft’s efforts, PS5 will still be the best selling console throughout the next-generation.

The analysis firm reports that, even though Xbox is winning the tech challenge and its initial communication is being better than PlayStation, the Japanese platform owner will keep the most of PS4’s userbase over the next several years.

“In this battle of the engineers, Microsoft arguably came out on top. However, long-term DFC still believes the PlayStation 5 will be the best selling system,” a new report about the next generation of gaming claims.

DFC Intelligence mentions that “we do think Microsoft will start to chip into the PlayStation 4 market share,” anyway, but that should not mean Xbox Series X could be overtaking PS5.

The firm adds that “much of this will depend on the strength of the offerings from Microsoft’s newly acquired studios.”

Xbox Series X has had a strong marketing plan thus far, with the name of the console and a first trailer being revealed at The Game Awards last December out of surprise.

The console is being sold as the most powerful ever, and that has been confirmed by Sony most recently with claims that PS5 will ‘only’ have 10.28 teraflops of raw power at its disposal against Xbox Series X’s 12 teraflops.

A former Sony developer has shared that the power difference between the two systems is “quite staggering,” even though others have pointed out that PlayStation 5’s faster SSD will have a strong impact on performances.

However, DFC Intelligence doesn’t think this alone will be enough for Microsoft to end up winning the generation against PS5, even though it should manage to get a more consistent share of the market compared to Xbox One’s life cycle.