Ex Sony dev claims power difference between PS5 and Xbox Series X is “quite staggering”

But “it doesn’t mean you can’t make good games on the PS5.”

PlayStation 5

According to a former Sony designer, “the power difference” between PS5 and Xbox Series X “is quite staggering.”

Chris Grannell, who has worked on Killzone 2 and WipeOut, has shared he has “chatted” with multiple developers, and those talks have reportedly confirmed that Microsoft’s platform is going to be more powerful than the next-gen PlayStation.

“I’ve chatted to a few devs and they have confirmed the power difference is quite staggering,” Grannell said on Twitter, chiming in a discussion where a pic of Digital Foundry’s John Linneman claiming that Xbox Series X would support better ray tracing was shared.

“However they have said it doesn’t mean you can’t make good games on the PS5,” he added. “These fanboys clearly don’t care about that and are massively rattled. “

Xbox Series X will feature around two more teraflops compared to PS5, despite that, reports have claimed that PlayStation 5 has an overall better optimization and a faster SSD, which would make it the best choice for developers.

Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier has reported that multiple development sources have told him that PS5 is “superior” in “a lot of different ways” outside of the simple teraflops count, even though he would not offer more details on that.

According to him, though, developers would be disappointed at Sony’s struggle to convey the message about PlayStation 5 right, as they would acknowledge that, at the time being, consumers will get the impression that Xbox Series X is better overall.

Former Xbox marketing director Albert Penello hasn’t focused on specs in his most recent comment, claiming that, with this amount of power, should PS5 cost around $399, it would be “a great deal” nonetheless.

Considering this gap in terms of raw power, and the focus on optimization equal to PS4 Pro going for 4K only via an advanced upscale technique called checkerboard rendering, there’s a chance that Sony might be aiming for a more approachable console for a broader audience.