PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Reportedly Coming with “Similar Specs”, To Be “Very Powerful”


PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are reportedly being equipped with “similar specs,” according to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

Schreier claims to have heard from multiple sources in the developer community that the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft “both sound very powerful,” hinting at no noticeable differences between the two platforms.

The reporter has also shared that he had heard “whispers,” suggesting that “Microsoft has been well behind Sony with regards to communication,” confirming previous rumors that Xbox Scarlett’s dev kits are still in the hands of a minimal pool of developers.

“That probably won’t matter next fall,” says Schreier, and this is possibly due to Scarlett’s sharing a common architecture with PC. The console is very developer-friendly, which could allow developers to work very fast, probably even quicker than PS5, to ports from the Windows environment to Xbox.

PS5 had reported being more potent than Xbox Scarlett in the past, but those rumors have not found any confirmation over the last few months. This blowout of information seems to be stating that there won’t be significant differences between the two consoles, as previously suggested.

While the communication from Microsoft is still reportedly up in the air, PS5’s strategy “is to be as accessible as possible,” adds the Kotaku reporter, and one of the indicators of that is the message about “no load times” Sony is focusing about in every executive’s interview related to the next-gen.

Both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are planned for Holiday 2020, but public communication has been slightly different. These rumors suggest Sony is working most of the time behind closed doors, while Microsoft has already shared an initial reveal at E3 2019 without, it seems, updating developers too much thus far about its plans.