PUBG Anti-Cheat PC Update Delayed Due To Unexpected Issue – Dev

The much-awaited PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Anti-Cheat update has been delayed indefinitely for PC, according to the details shared by the development team via game’s official Twitter account. When asked about the reason for this sudden delay (right at the very last minute), the development team replied that they encountered an unexpected issue during update compatibility testing.

PUBG Anti-Cheat PC Update Delayed

The update was scheduled to go live on February 5. No new release date has been provided. This is what PUBG development team tweeted: “PC players, the patch for the anti-cheat update has been delayed, as an unexpected issue has occurred while testing its compatibility. We will soon update you when it will be released. Thank you for your understanding.”

With this new update, the developer wanted to apply a new anti-cheat feature that will “block different helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way”. This update will also block PC players who are using the ReShade software. However, the good news is that a BAN is not going to be imposed on them, they will not be able to play PUBG if ReShade software is detected on their PC. In order to get playable access back to PUBG, all they have to do is uninstall ReShade software along with other prohibited software.

You guys can check out full terms and conditions that are going to come in to effect after this upcoming Anti-Cheat update for the PUBG PC version. There’s a hell lot of things that you need to take care of – so make sure you go through them thoroughly.