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All Sanhok Map Locations And Tips - PUBG

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Sanhok Map Locations

Sanhok is a new PUBG Map, that brings a mini battle royale experience filled with challenging missions, unique rewards and loots.

PUBG Corp Confirms Downgraded Experience On Xbox One, It'll Be Better Soon

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PUBG Dev Admits Downgrade Experience On Xbox One

In an open letter to the community, the team working at PUBG on Xbox One has confirmed that performance on the console have downgraded over the course of the last few weeks and that things will get better soon.

PUBG Corp Suing Fortnite, Epic Claims There's Room For Both The Games

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Epic Games Comments On PUBG vs Fortnite Lawsuit

Bluehole is doing something more than releasing interviews where devs state that Fortnite copied PUBG back in the days – they are filing lawsuits against Epic Games in order to preserve their intellectual property. The timing of this move is at least interesting since Fortnite is going to be the protagonist at multiple net cafes in Korea in the next few days, as part of a collaboration with publisher Neowiz Games.

PUBG New Map Sunhok Introduced Mysterious Golden Chests

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PUBG Golden Chest Mystery

PUBG is introducing some sort of a mystery component to the latest map entering the game soon, Sanhok. The map is already being played over the course of multiple playtests, and each of them has introduced more stuff to discover and play.

Microsoft Isn't Interested In Doing Its Own Battle Royale Game

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Spencer Says No To Xbox's Own Battle Royale Game

During a conversation on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer has claimed Microsoft has no interest in building its own battle royale title, as other developers around have done and are doing that now.

20 Games That Generated Highest Revenue On Steam In 2017

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PUBG Generated Highest Revene On Steam In 2017

SteamSpy has released a list of top 20 games that generated the highest revenue in 2017 on Steam. PUBG took the top spot with $600 million in revenue, followed by CS: GO which generated $120 million, and Grand Theft Auto V which generated $83 million.

Xbox One Update 11 Changelog - PUBG

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PUBG Update 11

PUBG Update 11 for Xbox One is out and it carries fix for the number of bugs, improves overall performance and stability of the game.

PUBG Xbox One Patch 9 Changelog

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PUBG Xbox One Patch 9 Changelog

PUBG Xbox One Patch 9 goes live and according to the details in the Changelog, it addresses Damage, customization preview, game DVR and many other issues.

PUBG Xbox One Patch #9 "Now Formally In Test", Release Date Coming This Week

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One Patch #9

Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will soon receive Patch 9. The update recently went into the testing phase, the public release date is yet to be decided.

PUBG Mobile Version Is A Possible Hint At a Nintendo Switch Release, Says Digital Foundry

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Nintendo Switch Version

According to Digital Foundry, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release on mobile devices is a possible hint of the game releasing on Nintendo Switch.