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PUBG Xbox One S Bundle Announced, Will Be Available From February 20

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Xbox One S PUBG Coming From February 20

Team Xbox has announced a new PUBG bundle. Starting from February 20, Xbox fans will have an option to purchase PUBG Xbox One S 1TB bundle for $300. The bundle will include 1-month trial period of Xbox Live Gold.

PUBG Anti-Cheat PC Update Delayed Due To Unexpected Issue - Dev

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PUBG Anti-Cheat PC Update Delayed

PUBG developer has announced via Twitter that anti-cheat update for PC has been delayed due to an unexpected issue that came up while testing the update's compatibility.

PUBG Dev To Stop Steam Family Share Support In An Effort To Avoid Cheating

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Dev Disables Steam Family Share

PUBG Corp via their official website stated that PlayerUnknown's Battleground will no longer support Steam Family Share feature in order to avoid cheating in the game.

PUBG Xbox One Free 30K Battlepoints, Here's How To Get Them Before Feb 1

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - How To Get 30K Battlepoints

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One crossed 4 Million players and the development team is offering 30K Battlepoints for free of cost to all players under certain conditions.

PUBG 2.0 And 3.0 Is Still Far Away, Devs Primary Goal Is To Polish PUBG 1.0

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PUBG 2.0 Won't Arrive Anytime Soon - PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp has made it very clear that PlayerUnknown's Battleground 2.0 or 3.0 is not coming anytime soon because there is no clear roadmap for them and also the primary focus of the development team is to polish PUBG 1.0.

New Cheating Pattern Discovered by PUBG Devs

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PUBG Dev Discovers New Cheating Pattern

Bluehole has discovered a new cheating pattern in PlayerUnknown's Battleground and they did this by analysing millions of data logs. Right now, they are looking into a new anti-cheat system.

Microsoft Cloud To Acquire Playersunknown's Battelground: Rumor

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Playersunknown's Battelground

Playersunknown's Battleground has crossed 3 Million users on Xbox console, there are possible chances that Microsoft might rethink on acquiring PUBG according to sources.

PUBG Xbox Patch #5 Changelog: New Control Options, Button Reassignment And More

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox Update #5

Bluehole released new PUBG Xbox Patch which makes changes to the control options, allow players to reassign button and many other things.

3 Million PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds Copies Sold On Xbox One

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PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is under game preview, still, the game passes 3 Million copies on Xbox One. 

PUBG New Update Adds Two New Crates, Report Cheaters Function

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PUBG Updates 1.0

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a fresh update that adds two new crates in the game with new items and various bug fixes.