PUBG Season 11 likely to introduce new story content, unlikely to feature new or remastered map

Season 11 is fast approaching, and with it, newly-leaked details.

Image via PUBG Corporation

With Season 10 of PUBG nearing an end, all eyes are gazing towards Season 11 and what may be in store for the classic Battle Royale. For now, it’s looking like the upcoming season will introduce new story content in a brand new form; however, a new or remastered map is unlikely.

Season 10 introduced the brand new mini-map Haven, only available to play for the duration of Survivor Pass: Breakthrough. Players have until March 24 on PC and April 1 on consoles to advance through the season until the Survivor Pass ends.

Season 11 will likely feature “new story content” in a “brand new form,” according to prominent PUBG leaker PlayerIGN — who discovered details about the season buried in a recent PUBG Mobile update. Further specifics into these findings are scarce, aside from a release date mention of April.

One of the common speculations heading into Season 11 is that we’d see a remaster of the map Miramar. Up until this point, both Erangel and Sanhok received remasters, leaving Miramar as the only map of the original three that hasn’t been overhauled. PlayerIGN goes on to flat-out state that Season 11 “won’t feature a new map.” A total remaster of Miramar isn’t out of the question completely for PUBG, as the potential for it arriving at a later time is still a reasonable possibility.

Given the leaked month of April as the Season 11 release timeline, the PUBG playerbase shouldn’t be waiting too much longer for an official announcement straight from PUBG Corporation themselves.