Best places to land on Haven map in PUBG

Land at these points for the best chance of winning.

PUBG Season 10

Image via PUBG Corp.

Season 10 of PUBG brings with it plenty of content, including new cosmetics to deck out your player with and a new battle pass, including 100 tiers of both free and premium items that you can acquire. It has also launched with a new map called Haven, available to play for the duration of this season.

The 1×1 map, one of the smallest in the game’s history, is limited to 32 players and duos, though you can queue as a solo player. Consisting of an urban, rusted setting, it’s excellent for close-quarters fights and intense endings. The zone shrinks very quickly, so games are over quickly.

Dense areas where good loot can be found are across the island, so make sure you are doing your best to aim for these areas to get the best possible. On such a small map, finding your own space is difficult, but there is still potential to gear up sufficiently in more sparse areas too.

Here are the best places to land on the Haven map in PUBG.


The residential area is by far the safest and most item dense area on the map. It’s on the southern side of the island, which means the chances of the zone being in the area are low, so you will need to loot quickly.
However, the large building on the residential zone’s left edge represents the best opportunity to collect loot without too much attention. It has several floors, each with rooms to explore and plenty of vantage points if you need to attack or make a bisk exit.

Industrial Park

While the center of the Industrial Park is a popular destination with its large warehouses, the far left area, where there are two garages and several containers close by, are smart areas to drop.

There’s plenty of loot here, and typically it will be quieter than some of the main parts of the park. This makes it ripe for the picking, while it’s also easy to spot if lots of players are dropping there to make a swift escape.

Coal Yards

While not the most densely populated area for loot, most players will avoid it as they search for the higher risk prizes. This means that heading to the coal yard will give you free rein to look across the East side of the island for gear.

It also has adequate cover from when you are looking to head closer to the center of the zone, so you should have a safer run into the middle of the map. There are also more buildings on the southern side of Coal Yards with loot, and with many focusing on the zone location, you can be more relaxed about your pathing.