Quantic Dreams Top Leaders Accused For Unhealthy Work Culture

Quantic Dream video game developer based France recently landed into a controversy that alleged the company leaders for racism, hostile work environment, and sexist humor. Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, are made by Quantic Dream, while upcoming Detroit: Become Human is in progress.

Quantic Dreams

Three different French-language publications have reported the incident that portrays Quantic Dream of such serious allegations. Media which has published the report is LeMonde (French Daily Afternoon Newspaper), Mediapart (French online investigative and opinion journal) and CanardPC (an independent French magazine). Eurogamer published a translated version of the report, you can view the same in the source link at the end of this news.

According to the report, David De Gruttola (Founder) & Guillaume de Fondaumiere(Executive Producer) are been accused of either neglecting or tolerating the unreceptive work environment. Both have fiercely denied all the allegations and said they are “very surprised” and “shocked” by the rantings of former employees as reported by Le Monde.

One among major dispute that gave rise to allegations is a cache of some 600 controversial photoshopped images dating back to 2013. Canard PC and Mediapart has reported this images in their report. These images were sent in group images that are shared with the company which also include David De Gruttola & Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

David De Gruttola portrays an image of hard to work with a person who is nicknamed as “Papa”, “God” & “Sun King” for this dictatorial work attitude. He is also accused of his patchy behaviors against female colleagues. David said the allegations were “ridiculous, absurd and grotesque”.

Source: Eurogamer