Quantum Break Xbox One X Patch In The Works At Microsoft, Remedy Reveals

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Quantum Break natively supports Xbox One X, and I just remembered I have to download that massive patch enabling 4K resolution and all the other stuff, one day or another.

Anyway, it seems something went wrong once the resolution went up and even higher, and Remedy just issued an update on Twitter in order to inform us about the work which is currently being done at Microsoft.

Quantum Break Xbox One X Patch In Development

“Update on the Xbox One X fix for the graphical glitches some of you are seeing. Still being worked on and I should be able to give you a better update” this week, Thomas Puha, communication lead at the Finnish developer, said.

Interestingly, as I hinted at before, the patch is being worked on at Microsoft, and not at the original developer. Remedy is now a multi-platform studio and it’s working on PS4 alongside Xbox One on a brand new IP with the Italian emergent publisher 505 Games.

So, it’s still curious Microsoft is doing some work instead of Remedy, especially looking at how their partnership developed leading them to part ways after the not-so-successful launch of Quantum Break for Xbox One and Windows 10.

We’ll update you as soon as we have the specifics of this patch.