Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 will bring team deathmatch, Attacker repicks, a new map, and more

Ubisoft has a lot planned for the game in 2022.


Image via Ubisoft

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Ubisoft has announced a swathe of new content coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 7. In addition to Azami, the first new Operator to join the roster this year, Ubisoft plans to add a new map, a plethora of gameplay features, and even a team deathmatch game mode.

Throughout Year 6, each new season in Rainbow Six Siege came with map balance changes and reworks. While the team will continue to do this over the coming seasons, Year 7 will see the introduction of a brand new map once more. Emerald Plains is a manor house for the elite, with a first floor that’s modern and sophisticated and a second floor that features a much older style, perfect for shady deals and hiding from bullets.

Team deathmatch is coming to the game very soon. It’s a traditional game mode that allows players to battle it out as any Operator, complete with their gadgets, in a fight to score the most points. Respawns and instant, so there’s no need to wait for the end of a round before you can get back into the action. This game mode should prove popular with casual players, offering variety from the classic Siege formula.

Finally, Ubisoft also has several gameplay features planned for Rainbow Six Siege this year. For example, an Attacker repick mechanic that allows Attackers to change their Operators based on intel gathered in the first phase of a match will be implemented. This affords Attackers the same level of preparation that Defenders have and should mix things up a bit.

Match replay is coming to consoles. This feature records up to two hours of gameplay and provides players with the ability to study matches, create content for YouTube and Twitch, or hone their skills against stronger opponents.

Likely, Ubisoft has much more planned for Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege, and we haven’t even seen the other three seasons that are due to release. Operation Demon Veil marks the start of another shift in development for the game, one that might see it return to its roots with new maps for every season.