Ramattra flexes on the competition in a new Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

The tempo tank in action.

Image via Blizzard

The next hero to join the Overwatch 2 cast, and first ever tempo tank, just got a new gameplay trailer showing them flex on the enemy team. This quick trailer released by Blizzard shows off the first footage of the Egyptian-inspired Ramattra in action.

The trailer shows a combination of the hero’s abilities to create shields, dish out ranged attacks, as well as close-range strikes. Where things get interesting, however, is when he enters his Nemesis Form. While transformed, all of Ramattra’s attacks are altered, and his health goes from 450 to 600, plus he gains bonus armor. For example, his normal punches will create energy waves with each strike to allow for ranged attacks. This form lasts only eight seconds and has an eight-second cooldown time.

The trailer also came with a full rundown of Ramattra’s abilities. Aside from his normal projectile and barrier, he has the Ravenous Vortex, which fires a nano ball that explodes on contact with the ground and spreads a damaging AoE field. Any enemy affected by it will be slowed, as well as pulled downward.

Ramattra’s Ultimate is Annihilation. When used, he creates a swarm of deadly nanobots that extend out in front of him that deal damage, plus reduces the damage output of any hero hit by 50%.

Ramattra will be the 36th hero added to Overwatch 2 since it launched, but also the first one that can only be unlocked via the battle pass. Kiriko, one of the last new heroes, could also be unlocked in the battle pass — however, owners of the original Overwatch were able to unlock her right away. Ramattra will be unlocked at level 55, so players will need to either grind a fair bit or spend some real cash to get their hands on him. Ramattra will launch at the same time Season 2 begins on December 6.