Apex Legends Ranked Season 9 is split between World’s Edge and Infested Olympus

Bye-bye Kings Canyon.

The Icarus

Image via Respawn

While Season 9: Legacy’s spotlight is on the new Arenas game mode, it shouldn’t be overlooked that a new season of Ranked is coming to the battle royale portion of the game. While Ranked is coming to Arenas in the future, right now Ranked is only for the standard original game mode.

The split for this season is interesting because it has done something that the split order has never done before. While the map with the majority of the changes is Olympus, with its new Infested Olympus variant, it is not the map kicking off our Ranked season.

Due to the fact that Ranked Season 8 ended on Olympus, and the developers also wanted to give players time to adjust to the map changes, Infested Olympus will be the second half of the Ranked split. The first half will be on the finally returning and much-missed World’s Edge.

World’s Edge will have some changes as well, but nothing dramatic like Olympus. Kings Canyon is being vaulted for Season 9. The split for Season 9: Legacy will occur on June 15.