Red Dead Online First Major Update Rumored To Be Released On Thursday


According to a supposed leak on Reddit, it looks like there’s a “major update” for Red Dead Online on its way.

Rockstar Games should be revealing the first additional content for the multiplayer mode later today, while it should be releasing on Thursday.

Based on the intel gathered by this insider, “you’ll be able to purchases homes, ranches, property to make money from, etc.”

“There’s gonna be carriages and wagons along with 1 or 2 new horses. Some carriages will be meant to carry more animals and such while hunting and some carriages are more combat oriented.”

The insider claims that the content will be “teased at some point this week, most likely Monday,” which is today.

It “will definitely be launching on thursday,” says the intel posted on Reddit, so we should be playing this stuff already in a couple days.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check our Red Dead Online wiki right here, so you can prepare for the first major update whenever it’s coming.

Via ResetEra