Fastest Way To Earn XP And Level Up In Red Dead Online

RDR2 Online Level Up Quickly

Red Dead Online has ample of objectives that reward you XP, but if you don’t know exactly what to do then it is going to take hours to farm a good amount of XP. In this RDR2 Online XP Farming guide, you will learn about the fastest way to earn XP along with a few regular ways.  XP is required for many activities in Red Dead Online, for example, to unlock some weapons and items.

RDR2 Online Level Up Quickly

5 Fastest Ways To Earn XP In RDR2 Online

RDR2 Online Get XP Fast Guide offers you instant tips on increasing your XP to the highest level along with some common methods that offer you a regular supply of Experience Points.

1: How To Get 5500 XP Per Hour In RDR2 Online

Reddit User CxlIe had shared a small tip on earning 5500XP per hour, so we thought including this in the guide will be quiet valuable for the readers. The solution is exactly same what is posted on Reddit by the user and to check to click the Source Link, at the end of this article. The user has added a small method that works better with 2 players. You just have to follow a certain procedure to mint XP fast and 5500XP per hour is worth to give a try.

Most efficient with 2 players

  1. Create a posse with a friend and replay story mission 8 (the one in fort mercer)
  2. Equip your repeater and switch to split-point ammo (each restart you get 50 free)
  3. Kill all enemies except the last few to not trigger the cutscene with Teddy Brown.
  4. Kill enemies like this: Walk towards them with your repeater and press R2 for an execution. Every kill gives 30 XP! (5 kill + 5 special ammo + 10 execution + 10 another execution bonus)
  5. When there are a few enemies left, suicide to get rid of all team lives and restart the checkpoint.

Cxlie says: "I reached level 50 a few hours ago with that method. Also, you can reset awards for 1000 kills, 1000 repeater kills and 1000 executions to get even more XP."

2: Play Story Mission - A Land Of Opportunities

Whatever you do in the Free Roam world do play the story missions. The online mode has around 8 chapters, playing and finishing the mission will offer you a regular supply of XP and in the end, you will be able to have a decent amount to start facing the open world.

3: Gang Hideouts

Gang Hideouts is another way to get XP, playing them will also offer you a regular supply of XP’s. You can read our guide All Gang Hideout Spawn Map Location, which has a map with almost all gang-hideouts marked on it. This will save a lot of your time, and whenever you are anywhere in the region you can attack the camp, kill all the gang members and get XP as well as rewards.

4: Side Missions

Red Dead Online also has side missions, even though it is an Open World game that does not means you have nothing to do in the Story Mission and Side Mission section. You can play easy Side Mission that will appear as orange or red stranger marks on the map. Sometime while taking to characters also trigger a side objective. Each of these missions comes with different rewards, as well as XP points.

5: Multiplayer Modes

Red Dead Online has five different multiplayer modes, you can jump into this section once you feel that you are good enough with your combat skills. It is the competitive part of RDR2 Online. The size modes are Shootout, Most Wanted, Hostile Territory, Make It Count and Name Your Weapon.

Different weapons offer you a different amount of XP points, for example, if you are playing a mode in the competitive mode under Showdown series where you will play with multiple players. Depending on what weapon you use, you earn points. To earn high points use Shotgun that gives you 3 points per kill, throwing Knife & Tomahawk gives you 6 points per kill. If you are able to kill someone using the only knife you can earn upto 7 points per kill. It is very important to master all your weapons if you are willing to use throwing the axe and knife.

 For more similar guides, tips and updates on the game do read our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.

Reddit Source: CxlIe

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