Red Dead Online launches Outlaw Pass No. 5

Saddle up, Outlaws.

Screenshot Via Rockstar

Outlaw Pass 4 for Red Dead Online has come to a close. Hopefully you were able to get to the end of it (unlike we were) and unlock Arthur’s coat. If you were wondering what you would be able to do now in Red Dead Online, wonder no more. Rockstar isn’t giving players a second to breathe, as the next Outlaw Pass for Red Dead Online is already here, boasting 80 levels of rewards, bonuses, and free supplies.

Red Dead Online’s Outlaw Pass No. 5 is active starting today and will end on May 31. Picking it up isn’t that expensive either, costing just 35 gold bars. Better yet, if you pick up the Outlaw Pass before March 23, you earn a 10 gold bar rebate. Along with the 25 gold bars offered over the course of the Pass, this offers an opportunity for players to make back all the gold they spent. This is a change from Outlaw Pass No. 4, which let players earn back less gold bars than they spent.

Sadly, this pass isn’t the most exciting. While it includes all the aesthetic goodies players could wish for, there isn’t anything gameplay changing included. If you pick up Outlaw Pass No. 5, you can expect to receive a good number of new outfits, horse manes and tales, and filters for the Advanced Camera, along with numerous other rewards.