Redfall Players Wonder if it is “Dead Already” Following Low Active Stats

For some players, the game is simply dead on arrival.

Redfall vampire boss enemy guide

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Redfall is here, and it’s not had the best launch, to put it mildly. Fans have been quick to point out the game’s shortcomings, from gameplay to technical issues and plenty of glitches. Now, it looks like it’s had a major effect on the game’s numbers if Steam is to be believed.

Along with poor reception, the game is suffering from an incredibly low player count on Steam, leading many to believe it has already died off before it’s even had a chance to get going.

Redfall’s Low Player Count Doesn’t Look Good for Troubled Xbox Exclusive

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As of the time of writing, Redfall on Steam has had an all-time peak of a shockingly small number of players, coming in at around 6,124, with just over 4,000 being the 24-hour peak. Of course, this doesn’t include players on Xbox or who may be playing the game through Xbox Game Pass, but it still shines a light on how poorly the game is being received. On top of that, reviews on Steam aren’t looking much better, with it sitting at a “Mostly Negative” and many players getting refunded due to their poor experience with the game.

By now, you’ll have seen outlets and players expressing their frustration and disbelief regarding Redfall’s rough launch and quality, and this is just the newest blow to the game’s troubled launch. We’ve seen the fan outcry on Reddit since its release, including the numerous technical issues and glitches. Now, this newest revelation had just angered fans more, with one summing up many players’ feelings about the situation, saying, “I think Redfall might objectively be the worst game to come out this year so far.” Along with player concerns before the game’s launch around the always-online nature of the game and lack of shared progression, it’s safe to say the game hasn’t had the best time.

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So far, there has been no statement or acknowledgment of the game’s issues from the developer, adding more fuel to the fire and players’ grievances. We will likely see them make a statement about Redfall’s state in the future, but right now, the seemingly small amount of players who are playing will be left to deal with the game as it is.